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Martinis Liquors Beer

Domestic Bottled Beers
Miller LITE
Bud Light
Miller High Life
Bud Select 55
Coors Light
Michelob Light
Michelob Ultra

Imports & Micro-Brews
Pale Lager: Amstel Light; Netherlands
Dry Stout: Guinness Extra Stout; Ireland
Pale Lager: Harp; Ireland
Pale Lager: Red Stripe; Jamaica
Witbier: Blue Moon Belgian White; Colorado
Pale Lager: Corona; Mexico
Pale Lager: Corona Light; Mexico
Pale Lager: Spaten: Hungary
Pale Lager: Viru; Estonia
Pale Ale: Bass; England
Doppelbock: Spaten Optimator; Germany
Pale Lager: Lhasa; Tibet
Pale Ale: Highland St. Tereses: Asheville, NC
Amber Ale: Highland Gaelic: Asheville, NC
Non-Alcoholic: Clausthaler: Germany

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Beers On Tap
Witbier: Hoegaarden; Belgium
Pale Lager: Stella Artois; Belgium
Brown Ale: Newcastle; England
Wheat Ale: Harpoon Hefeweizen: Boston
Amber Ale: New Belgium Fat Tire; Colorado
Imperial IPA: Star Hill; Virginia
Seasonal Batch: Natty Greene's: Greensboro
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